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Unit Development Melbourne

Millenium Homes provides the highest quality unit development in Melbourne and surrounds.

Looking to share your property with other families or renters? This move can lead to many benefits for you. Homeowners who want to make the most out of the land that they own decide to either add another unit adjacent to their house or knockdown their unit completely and build a duplex or multiplex in its place. By doing this, they are better able to pay off their mortgage, they have a steady source of passive income, and they become more competitive in the Australian property market. With Millenium Homes’ highly qualified custom home builders in Melbourne, your next multi unit development project will be in good hands.

Why should you take on a unit development project?

Maximise your property’s potential

With the way the property market competition looks today, you are at an advantage if you own land. It is hard for people to buy and own land, especially in urban areas. If you’ve already got land, maximise your property’s potential by building multiple units on it.

Grow your investment portfolio

If you’re looking to start a career in real estate investment, home unit developments is a good way to start. One of the best strategies to succeed in real estate is to ‘flip’ houses or purchase properties that are not in optimum condition anymore (which means they would be quite cheap.) Improve these properties to add value to them, and then put them up on the market for renters or dwellers. Dividing properties into multiple units is also a property improvement strategy that can be incorporated with house flipping.

Accommodate the growing need for quality real estate

So many people complain about their living conditions. The problem could be their location, their unit’s facilities or amenities, or their landlords or ladies. When you’re trying to put dwellings up for rent or sale, you’re guaranteed that there are people looking to move out of their dwellings in search for something better. Many people are looking to live in houses specifically, especially when they start to settle down and grow a family. This is an opportunity for you to address the concerns of today’s renters or homeowners: offer your property at a competitive price without compromising quality and home living experience.

Types of unit development projects

The best value builders in Melbourne over at Millenium Homes will be happy to make the following project ideas a reality:


A subdivision is when multiple, separate houses are built on a piece of land. The land is subdivided into different dwellings, each with their own titles. Property developers usually look for an area with a good location (i.e. close or accessible to the city business district), buy the land, and then turn it into a subdivision. If you own a piece of land that is big enough to have room for many dwellings, make it generate income by transforming it into a subdivision.

Duplex or Triplex

A duplex or triplex is when a building has two or three identical units separated by a common wall. There can be multiple duplexes and triplexes within subdivisions as well. This is usually done to maximise land area and bring in more residents.


Townhouses are rows of identical but independent single-family homes that are separated from one another by walls. Townhouses are popular in busier or urban districts because this development maximises limited land space while still providing owners with a single-family home experience.

Apartment buildings

Apartment buildings are multi-storey buildings who provide living spaces to renters. Apartments are always in demand. They are popular among young professionals, students, and non-natives of a city or town.

Why choose Millenium Homes to get the job done?

Millenium Homes has a family history of Melbourne custom home building and property development spanning fifty long years. Our knowledge and expertise was passed on from generation to generation, refined and perfected along the way, and eventually becoming one of the best multi unit development builders in Melbourne and surrounds.

One thing we know from our years of experience is that no customer is the same. Each of our clients come in with their own unique stories and reasons for why they want such project. We always look forward to listening to our clients share their ideas and visions for the project, and we seek to match this enthusiasm with our professional skills in home building as well as our passion for providing Australia with incredible experiences in the places they live in.

We offer the following services:

  • Home extensions and renovation
  • Unit Development
  • New Homes
  • Project Management

Looking to start the highest quality multi unit development Melbourne has seen? Millenium Homes is ready to lend a helping hand. Avail of a free consultation today! Contact us at 1800 180 495 or send us an email at [email protected]. You may also visit us at 31 Union Street, Preston, Vic, 3072.

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