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Millenium Homes is one of the best townhouse builders in Melbourne and surrounds.

Want to build townhouses to maximise the profits in a relatively small piece of land? If you own a modest portion of land in a busy urban district with limited space, building townhouses would be a great choice as a lucrative investment.

With townhouses being rows of identical but independent single-family homes that are separated from one another by walls, unlike detached homes where there are more surrounding spaces, they would be a best fit in a tight urban environment where there the space is minimal. The key to effectively building townhouses is having highly skilled and experienced professionals who can basically make the most out of the relatively small area that you have.

This is where our team at Millenium Homes will come in. With our founders, owners, and operators having more than 50 years in the home building industry, we know exactly how to maximise limited spaces to build townhouses that can provide homeowners with a single-family home experience. Having over five decades of skills, knowledge, and experience makes Millenium Homes your go-to townhouse builders Melbourne residents trust.

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The benefits of building townhouses

Maximum profits with minimum space

By building townhouses, you can actually maximise the profits you gain from a minimal area of land. As you are literally building a series of identical homes immediately next to each other and just separated by walls, you can put up more single-family homes that you can sell or rent out with just a meager amount of space.

With these types of homes being extremely popular in urban districts where the property values are always high on the market, you could conceivably double or triple the value of the small piece of land that you own. While selling your property outright is a less complicated undertaking, the monumental increase in profits by building townhouses ultimately outweighs the drawbacks.

Just think of having a property in a highly urbanised district in Melbourne with beautiful townhouses that you can either sell or rent out. Imagine the sizable amount of profit that you will gain. Now what if you do it with a highly experienced custom home builder like Millenium Homes? With our 50 years of skills, knowledge, and experience in townhouse development at your disposal, you can have a veritable cash cow in your hands.

The flexibility to do with it as you wish

Next to the considerable amount of profit you will gain, the level of flexibility you will have when it comes to doing business is simply amazing. If you build townhouses that fit the wants of an urban-based family or individual, you can sell a majority of them for immediate monetary gain that you can either save or put into another investment. The ones you keep you can rent out to those who are not really looking for permanent living in the city so you have steady cash flow to use for the long term. You can even have one for you and your family to have your own nest right in the middle of the city when you need it a the most. It’s a veritable win-win!

The important thing to remember is that you have to do everything right from start to finish. Building townhouses in a busy urban district is no small feat. From limited space to the traffic to the all the tedious and time-consuming requirements, it is basically a herculean effort. This is where experts like Millenium Homes can come in. From concept to completion, we will be there to help you every step of the way. We have built a multitude of townhouses in highly urbanised districts and even to the less congested parts of the city, but one thing is clear, the owners are now reaping the amazing benefits.


Work with the best custom home builders Melbourne residents trust

Millenium Homes has had the honour and privilege of helping hundreds of homeowners enhance their living experience by helping them build truly beautiful yet highly functional spaces which, in turn, has helped us build our reputation for being one of the best property developers Melbourne residents trust.

Through our passion and commitment to delivering quality-assured workmanship, service excellence, and customer satisfaction, we take pride in the role we play in helping making people’s lives easier, more comfortable, and hopefully, more meaningful. Every single one of our team members absolutely love what they do, and they are dedicated to provide you with the best service possible.

We understand that every customer is different, and each will come in with their own unique stories, ideas, and requests. As we are dedicated to our customers, we will work closely with you and strive to develop and execute design ideas and plans that will not only meet your requirements but exceed all your expectations.

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