Millenium Homes can offer you the experience, resources and attention to detail you need to change your existing home into something that compliments your needs. Whether it be your growing family, a desire for better outdoor entertaining or simply to give the existing house a face lift.


Weather you are wanting unit or 2 at the back of your existing home or wish to knock down and create a unit development Millenium Homes is able to assist.

With extensive expertise and a keen eye for detail the Millenium Homes team can get the best results.


Wanting a brand new home but don’t won’t to go through a large builder that is more concerned about quantity than quality. Millenium Homes are your answer. Millenium Homes can build the home of your dreams.

Millenium Homes provide services that will assist you in designing your dream home, through to the last plant being planted at the end of the project.


No time to spare, but unlimited trade resources, Millenium Homes can offer you Project Management expertise to get your new project up and running and completed to your time frame.