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Property Project Management Services Melbourne

Millenium Homes offers one of the best property project management services Melbourne residents trust.

Thinking it’s time to conduct a home improvement project such as an extension or complete renovation? Splitting your property into multiple dwellings through a unit development project? Building a new home? The best builders in Melbourne know that these architectural projects require careful planning and organising. The design must not only be suited to your exact specifications, but it must also make for a durable, long-lasting home. Indoor plans must optimise space, and arrangement of sections must be done according to function as well as aesthetic. Building materials must be high quality as well as cost efficient. And finally–perhaps the most important part of planning–the price must be right! Big projects like these are major investments, so you have the right to the assurance that you are paying for reliable materials, on-schedule building services, and excellent results all in all.

This is why you will benefit from hiring expert construction project management services at Millenium Homes. We are ready to be there for you every step of your home building journey. Our custom house builders in Melbourne are well equipped with planning, design, and building skills, making Millenium Homes the only team you need to bring in to get your project done. How convenient is that?

A quick client guide for working with custom house builders for your Melbourne home

We at Millenium Homes seek to achieve optimum customer satisfaction, so we work closely with you from the planning, implementation, to construction stages. Here’s a quick guide on what you might expect from our residential project management services.

Pre-planning session on your own or with co-residents

When you’re thinking of building or redesigning your home, you are definitely going to have your own unique ideas and visions of how you want it to look like. We understand and value this about you, so we might ask you to produce a brief, some rough sketches of your exteriors and interiors, or any similar document that outlines your specifications for your project. Don’t hesitate to include pictures from the internet or snaps of beautiful houses you happened to walk by! Your project managers over at Millenium Homes will base their recommendations on this and will use their expertise to figure out how they can best achieve your desired results (also taking into consideration the initial time frame and budget you have set.)

The planning stage

In this stage, we will draw up final plans and models. We will coordinate with the best engineers and construction managers to produce these plans for your review. During this stage, we will review our roles and responsibilities in the project and delegate specific tasks among our staff. We will also be checking for building regulations with your local councils. You might also be asking us to make a few revisions, and we would be happy to oblige. Once we receive your okay and everything checks out, the fun part can start: implementation and building.

The implementation stage

During the construction process, Millenium Homes will be there with you to oversee the development of the project. We will perform regular quality checks, update you frequently, and remedy problems as soon as they arise. You can expect that construction with Millenium Homes go according to plan.

Post-implementation stage

After the project is finished and you are ready to move in, don’t count us out just yet! We will still be available to respond to your concerns as you adjust to your new space. We seek to build strong customer relationships as well, so we will be more than willing to work on future projects with you.

Building services at Millenium Homes

We carry our Master Builders Victoria badge with pride as we offer property project management services in Melbourne. We also offer the following services:

  • Home Extensions
  • Home Renovations
  • Unit Development
  • New Homes
  • Project Management

With a family history of fifty years as dedicated home builders, Millenium Homes is proud to have provided our many clients with incredible home living experiences. When we are building homes, we know that we are not just doing an architectural project. We are helping families make family time more enjoyable. We help give busy professionals a sanctuary that contrasts their fast-paced lives. We build spaces where friends and families can come together, celebrate special occasions, and make memories that last a millenium.

Build your dream home with us! To get started on your home building journey, simply head on over to the Millenium Homes website to learn more about our company and our services. You may request for a free quote via the contact form found on our website. You may also get in touch with us through the following channels:

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Visit us at 31 Union Street, Preston, Vic, 3072. We look forward to seeing you move in to your beautiful Melbourne home soon!