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Want the best provider of the most well-designed, planned, and executed home renovations in Wantirna and surrounds? Look no further than our team at Millenium Homes. We are considered by many one of, if not, the best custom home renovation builder Wantirna has to offer.

With our company being proudly owned and operated by a family with more than 50 years in the home building industry, Millenium Homes has successfully completed the most pristine building renovation Wantirna has seen. From small bungalow houses to duplexes to the tallest multi-storey residential buildings, any type of home you can think of, we have renovated. This is why Millenium Homes is one of the most trusted renovation contractor Wantirna and nearby locations rely on.

Anything from changing the look and feel of your living room, redoing your kitchen with more modern amenities, or completely reconstructing your entire home, you can trust us help you realise exactly what you see with your mind’s eye. From concept to completion, our team is highly capable of delivering the results you want because of our years of skills, knowledge, and experience combined with the best tools and techniques our industry has to offer.

We have all the requisite licences, certifications, and accreditations mandated by industry and government authorities so you can be assured that we follow the strictest safety protocols and quality standards. Our company and our team are also fully insured so you can have the peace of mind knowing that we have policies prepared for different circumstances.

So, if you are looking for the best provider of the highest quality home renovations Wantirna residents have come to trust, reach out to our team at Millenium Homes.


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Benefits of home renovations


Your "new" home within your old one

Your dilemma is you are looking for a new home, yet you don’t want leave your old one. The neighbourhood has become near and dear to your heart and you don’t want to leave the neighbours that have become friends, or even better, have become family.

You have created a daily routine going to and from work. You are sure that your kids will hate you for pulling them out of their current school, moving them away from their friends, and having them struggle to adjust to a new environment and new people.

You want your house to be a “home” where you and your family can create beautiful memories. Or perhaps you aren’t in the mood to have to deal with the hassle of going into the property market again.

Trust us when we say that we truly understand. We ourselves have experienced this and have families who have gone through unforgiving moves from one house to another.

We are here for you. Let us help you recreate your home into what you want it to be. You will be working closely with our team from concept to completion to achieve what was once part of your imagination and make it into reality!

Create larger spaces for greater comfort and livability

Before you can call your house a home, it is just a pile of wood, brick, concrete, and steel. What a home should be is a place where you can connect with those who matter most to you. It is a sanctuary from all the stress and hassle from work, school, or wherever. Your home is where you body goes to rest and regain energy and your heart stays to be full.

Ridiculous as this may sound, there are houses that don’t really feel “homey”. This may be caused by having more confined spaces, darker rooms, decades or even centuries-old materials and fixtures, and perhaps all of the above.

By working with experienced professionals like us, you can create truly beautiful yet highly functional designs that optimise the use of space and light to achieve a perfect blend of comfort and accessibility.

Great interior design will allow you to create a mood and actually feel emotions right when you walk into a room. Even better planning will make it possible for you to do anything and everything within a space without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

Renovations increase property value

While arguably a vast majority of people renovate homes for better comfort and livability, many homeowners as well as real estate property managers, agents, and builders actually renovate homes for the purpose of selling at a higher asking price.

Well-executed home renovations can and will actually afford you better bargaining chips when it comes to selling a house. People will actually want to buy your home because of the renovations you have made. This is only true if it was done right, of course. Now, this is where a highly skilled and experienced home renovations contractor like Millenium homes will come in.

With potential home buyers looking for a good mix of aethetics and functionality, getting us to fix up your house to meet the needs of an ever-growing market is definitely a no-brainer. Our team of house renovation experts will work closely with you to optimise the space that you have to maximise profits on the house property sales market.

The above-mentioned benefits are only a few in a long list of real advantages of home renovation projects. Now isn’t it about high time you get in touch with our team at Millenium Homes so we can talk about how we can help you realise your imagination?

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Work with the best custom home builders
Wantirna residents trust

Millenium Homes has had the honour and privilege of helping hundreds of homeowners enhance their living experience by helping them build truly beautiful yet highly functional spaces which, in turn, has helped us build our reputation for being one of the best custom home builders Wantirna residents trust.

Through our passion and commitment to delivering quality-assured workmanship, service excellence, and customer satisfaction, we take pride in the role we play in helping making people’s lives easier, more comfortable, and hopefully, more meaningful. Every single one of our team members absolutely love what they do, and they are dedicated to provide you with the best service possible.

We understand that every customer is different, and each will come in with their own unique stories, ideas, and requests. As we are dedicated to our customers, we will work closely with you and strive to develop and execute design ideas and plans that will not only meet your requirements but exceed all your expectations.

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