Home Construction Safety: How to Avoid Accidents On Site

No matter how challenging a home is to build, how difficult the materials are to handle, or how tight a project’s schedule or budget is, no design and project are worth the safety of the people working on site. The best builders in Melbourne put their safety first, always! When you’re building new homes for other families, you have to see to it that you get to go home to your own family at the end of the day in tip-top shape.

For residential builders in Melbourne, here are a few tips and reminders on how to avoid untoward accidents during projects:

Education and information is key

Safety is a practice, but it is also an attitude. If you’re a construction manager, seek to cultivate that attitude. See to it that everyone involved in the project – from supervisors to construction workers to architects and engineers too, yes, the clients themselves – are fully informed about your safety plans.

Hold safety trainings before the start of the project. Safety trainings usually include workplace safety standards, possible environmental hazards, health and safety policies, personal protective equipment guidelines, emergency protocols, and others you deem necessary.

For some, these safety trainings may only be refresher courses, but your staff can’t be too complacent – it’s better to have one too many than few. For others, like your clients, this may be their first time experiencing safety trainings, so they have to be able to grasp the basics. During the project, make safety guidance available always: practice having someone accompany them as they check the project site.

As the project goes along, hold regular safety meetings, just to check on each other’s health and safety conditions and nip problems in the bud immediately.

Be serious about personal protective equipment

This may go without saying, but in many cases, complacency is the enemy of a construction staff. Even during downtimes during the project, accidents can happen unpredictably: a rogue screw slips through, some wiring sparks, or the weather starts acting up, causing some damage to heavy materials. Again, you can’t be too careful.

Always wear safety gears during work hours. This includes (but is not limited to): hard hats, high-visibility protective suits, goggles, gloves, slip-resistant shoes or boots, and masks.

Routine maintenance goes a long way

If your workplace is clean, not only will you be able to go about your day productively, you will also be preventing accidents. Clear areas (especially walkways or other access areas) of debris regularly; clean up every or every other hour if possible. Remind your staff to store their own tools, and have these tools and equipment cleaned up regularly. Perform thorough checks and inspections and replace parts if necessary, immediately – don’t wait for equipment to malfunction, as that could pose a serious health and safety threat.

Whether you’re working as suburban, townhouse, or apartment builders in Melbourne, the benefits of routine maintenance extend to the people around your site as well. Pedestrians or next-door neighbours would be kept safe if there is very little to no falling debris in your area. See to it that your project doesn’t cause too much disturbance or anxiety to the community.

Prioritise your employees’ physical health

The more physically healthy your workers are, the less likely they are to encounter or create hazards due to dehydration or fatigue. Some falls are caused by the scaffolding or harness slipping up, others are simply caused by the workers’ physical condition.

Be proactive. Learn their diets and encourage them to eat better food, those that are good energy sources (not greasy, high-carb food that causes drowsiness.) Provide hydration options for everyone on-site, whether that be water or electrolyte drinks.

Incorporate a regular exercise routine for your staff. Start with a standard morning warm-up and see what other exercises they may be comfortable with.

At Millenium Homes, we build your new home with utmost safety in mind

Not only are we dedicated to you, our clients, but we are equally dedicated to our employees. We make sure that everyone on-site is taken care of so that everyone is in the perfect condition to build beautiful homes for you.

To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today. Call us at +61 400 811 731 or email us at admin@milleniumhomes.com.au. We are located at 31 Union St., Preston, Victoria 3072.

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