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Proudly founded, owned, and operated by a family that has over 50 years in the building industry, Millenium Homes is proud to one of the best house builders in Melbourne, Preston, and nearby. Millenium Homes was founded in 2001, and since then, we have served as your go-to Melbourne house builder for your home extensions and renovations, new homes, and multi-unit developments. We are also happy to have served as project managers for these projects.

Millenium Homes is committed to making good on our company promise: to build beautiful homes for you. What ‘beautiful’ means is, of course, defined by you; what we do is use our expertise and experience to make your idea of beauty a reality.

Home Building Companies Melbourne

As one of the most trusted home building companies in Melbourne, we are fully devoted to you, our clients. Being at the forefront of innovation and customer service, we realise that no matter the project, new home, home renovation or home extension, every client is different. In every project we take on, our clients bring to the table their unique ideas, requests, and visions for their homes. We work closely with our clients to understand your needs and develop the right design and home that will suit you.

This is the kind of company culture we have cultivated over the years: one that is founded on collaboration not only among our highly qualified and diversely skilled staff but also with our clients.

We see to it that we match your enthusiasm for your project. At the end of the building period, we will see that we have succeeded when we know that we have met and exceeded your expectations. Now if you live in Melbourne or nearby, you don’t have to search Google for house builders near me, just call Millenium Homes and we will be there to help you build your dream home.

Our Services

Home Extensions And Renovations

We believe that homes can and should be dynamic: homes must be able to accommodate its occupants’ changing needs and wants. Whether you need to set up a new bedroom for your growing family or you want to simply want to knock down a few walls to generate a more relaxed vibe in your space, you will definitely benefit from a change of scenery. We will meet these requirements as well as offer suggestions for how your ideas can be put to work.

New Homes

As Melbourne’s custom home builders, we are always looking forward to building new homes. From your first informal sketch through to the last plant being planted at the end of the project, you can trust that the team over at Millenium Homes will be there to assist and guide you in designing and building the home of your dreams. We will balance form and function: we will build for you a beautiful home that is safe, sturdy, resistant to changes in weather patterns, energy efficient, and 100 percent responsive to your needs in general.

Unit Development

Looking to make some profit off of the prime real estate that you own or are planning to obtain? A multi unit development project is the answer. On your patch of land could possibly sit two or three dwellings: that’s an efficient use of space as well as a good source of passive income. We can help you build property that’s of high value; soon you’ll be competing at an advantage in Melbourne’s hot property market.

Project Management

We will also serve as your expert project managers for these building projects. Home building requires major work, and we clock in day in and day out armed not only with professional training but also with a passion for building. You can rely on our attention to detail as we see the project through. We make sure that the work is done on time, on budget, and as planned.

Start Building Your Beautiful Home Today With The Best Builders in Preston

You are welcome to request a free consultation for your next project. Just call us at +1800 180 495 or send us an email at [email protected]. or visit us at 31 Union Street, Preston, Vic, 3072. You may also leave us your details via the contact form found on this website.